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Episode 2.16


Beth, Jen and Tracie were joined by Kim Rippere from Secular Woman to talk about this new organization and some of the future plans.

Episode 2.15


Beth, Jen and Tracie discuss "Vagina", anti-choice bloggers and more.

Episode 2.14


Jerry DeWitt becomes the first, official, male guest of the Godless Bitches. Beth and Tracie talk with Jerry about his past and the role of women in the Pentecostal movement.

(Note: Due to technical problems related to thunderstorms, this episode was recorded over two days and pieced together. Hopefully it doesn't seriously detract from the conversation).

Music: "Hand of the Almighty" by John R. Butler

Episode 2.13


Beth, Jen and Tracie talk about more examples of sexism and harassment, as well as some abortion issues.

Episode 2.12


Beth, Jen and Tracie discuss sexual harassment in the atheist community - and they're looking for your stories!

Episode 2.10


The Godless Bitches are joined by Deanna Joy Lyons! (Music: Eve, by Shelley Segal)

Episode 2.9


Beth and Tracie are joined by Teresa MacBain - the first female graduate of The Clergy Project.

(This episode has a few odd breaks in the audio due to problems with Skype.)

Episode 2.8


Beth, Jen and Tracie discuss more anti-choice laws and the smut-for-smut program.

Episode 2.7


Beth,  Jen and Tracie are joined by Tanya Smith from Atheist Alliance International to discuss AAI's mission and more.

Episode 2.6


Beth, Tracie and Jen discuss the war on women, problems with Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 campaign, rape victim forced to marry her rapist commits suicide and a discussion of pro-choice legislative tactics and blood donation.

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