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Episode 2.5


Beth, Jen and Tracie discuss the contraception mandate, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher, naked atheist calendars, atheist billboards and Mark Driscoll and holy blowjobs.

Episode 2.4


Beth and Lynnea are joined by special guest, AJ Johnson, from American Atheists. Topics include AA, upcoming events, secular giving, black atheists and the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

NOTE: Episode 1.1 is no longer available, due to space limitations. We'll be archiving old episodes on the ACA site, soon.

Episode 2.3


Beth, Lynnea, Jen and Tracie discuss purity bear, Santorum's opposition to abortions in the case of rape victims, a matriarchal society in India and the men who are pushing back, sinking ships and their captains...and the apartment next door catches fire!

Also: Results from the previous contest and a new contest for "I Melt With You" gift bags!

Episode 2.2


Beth, Lynnea, Tracie and Jen talk about things rapists say, religions protecting abusers and the not-so-amazing atheist.

Episode 2.1


Welcome to 2012! Beth, Lynnea and Tracie ring in the new year with talk about: Plan B, Jessica Ahlquist's lawsuit win, Texas ultrasound law, Transgender issues in the Girl Scouts, Sexism in the atheist movement and our MAJOR award. :)

Episode 1.13


Beth, Tracie and Jen are joined by Skepchick Natalie to discuss transgender issues from a general perspective as well as from the atheist and skeptic point of view.

Please visit! Thanks to Natalie for joining us this week and thanks to Surly Amy for donating Surly-Ramics for our church sign contest! Listen for more details.

(Episode 1.12 included a reading of content originally posted at without citation. We regret that omission and encourage everyone to visit to read the full article as well as tons of educational and entertaining content from the coolest chicks on the globe!)

Episode 1.12


Beth, Lynnea, Tracie and Jen discuss the Obedient Wives club, criminal penalties for abortion and Islamic driving ban and potential penalties in Saudi Arabia.

Episode 1.11


Beth, Jen and Tracie discuss teen birth rate, misogyny in Hasidic neighborhoods, Mormonism and rape and transgender issues.

Episode 1.10


Beth, Jen and Lynnea are joined by Anne to discuss single-sex education, the Duggars and their #20, amendment 26 and Herman Cain.

Episode 1.9


Beth, Lynnea, Tracie and Jen talk about gender roles - along with news items.

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